F A Z I L   M A U S O L E U M
@ Imam Al-Shafei - Cairo
caretaker: Ashraf
tombstone photos by Samir W Raafat - 2012
portrait photos courtesy Amina H. Radi (granddaugther of Prince Ibrahim Halim)

tomb and headstone of Prince Ahmed Fazil Osman Fazil Pasha d. 22 February 1928 in Maadi
father of Amina Ulfet Fazil and grandfather of Rukiye Kuneralp

Princess Nazli Fazil
Princess Ulfet-Khadiga Fazil & daughter Pakiza + Halims
Princess Fazila-Zebeda Fazil
Prince Mustafa-Kamil Fazil
Prince Ibrahim-Rashid Fazil
Pakiza Hanum
Prince Ahmed-Fazil Osman Fazil
Prince Ali-Kamel Fazil
unidentified Fazil ladies


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