F A Z I L   M A U S O L E U M
@ Imam Al-Shafei - Cairo
caretaker: Ashraf
tombstone photos by Samir W Raafat - 2012
portrait photos courtesy Amina H. Radi (granddaugther of Prince Ibrahim Halim)

ornate tomb of Princess Fazila-Zebeda daughter of Prince Osman Fazil d. 31 May 1900 aged 18 shortly after giving birth to a son: Mohammed-Ali Wahideldine Ibrahim
her elaborate tomb forms the centerpiece of the mausoleum and is the oldest tomb therein
note caretaker's discarded pillows atop headstone

Princess Nazli Fazil
Princess Ulfet-Khadiga Fazil & daughter Pakiza + Halims
Princess Fazila-Zebeda Fazil
Prince Mustafa-Kamil Fazil
Prince Ibrahim-Rashid Fazil
Pakiza Hanum
Prince Ahmed-Fazil Osman Fazil
Prince Ali-Kamel Fazil
unidentified Fazil ladies


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